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Discover a simple way to track performance management

Track your employees’ journey with seamless HR solutions that fuse innovative technology and industry experience.

HR Duo’s proprietary HRMS offers an efficient way to track employee progress, helping SMEs to maximise their employee output, while driving organisational efficiencies.

Manual performance management processes are often time-consuming, with managers spending an average 210 hours a year carrying out performance management activities. For some SMEs it can be dominated by complex paper documentation, while for others, it can be too informal – meaning little traceability and accountability for staff and managers alike. HR Duo offers an end-to-end custom HR solution, built with all company cultures considered.

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Making the task of managing documentation quick and simple

Our intelligent HRMS also offers a hierarchy of three different levels of performance management, an internal instant messenger for employee conversations, guidance and policy information available at the point the manager needs and a dedicated performance review scheduling system.

An innovative skills matrix report and grading system is included, together with key performance indicators for individuals and teams. Features include:

  • Internal instant messenger for employee conversations
  • Dedicated performance review scheduling system
  • Management of probation, performance improvement with guidance integrated for line managers
  • Skills matrix report and grading system for staff
  • Goal/objective targets for individuals and teams
  • Smart form builder for more complex performance processes

A strong performance management process is only as good as the managers that execute it. That’s why HR Duo’s smart technology is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring evaluation and record-keeping can be completed quickly and accurately. That guidance and policy information is available at the point of need, thus enabling business managers to focus their valuable time elsewhere.

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Did you know?

Managers spend on average approximately 210 hours a year in performance management activities. This is why HR Duo is committed to streamlining the process. If our clients want some advice on this subject they can speak with our HR Advisory team as to what they can do in and out of the HRMS system to save time and be more efficient in their performance management practices.

Our leading HRMS includes a dedicated time tracker that can be used on desktop and mobile applications, courtesy of the HR Duo app

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