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A new approach to managing embedded policies and procedures

Effective policies and procedures form the backbone of HR, but are often overlooked within HR systems.

HR Duo offers a new approach to HR technology with our custom solution for your policies and procedures. Our intelligent technology is driven by HR knowledge and industry expertise, offering a seamless way for business managers to manage policies and procedures in real-time whilst ensuring they are individually tailored to each employee.

We build our HRMS system around our clients’ specific policies and procedures, enabling business managers to automatically manage and complete HR processes and compliance requirements seamlessly.

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Making the task of managing documentation quick and simple

Wave goodbye to laborious document upkeep, version control, and manual communication with employees around policy updates. Our intelligent technology automatically manages this process, leaving business managers free to focus their valuable time elsewhere and saving your business time and money. HR Duo’s includes policies and procedures covering:

  • Disciplinary and dismissal
  • Grievance
  • Equal opportunities
  • Sickness and leave of absence
  • Flexible working
  • Training and development
  • Bullying and harassment

Essential policies and procedures are hosted on our online platform via the Information and Guidance section, which acts as a clever online library, tailored towards individual employees. Through this online library, individual employees can effortlessly access policies and procedures that are relevant to them in real-time. Our online library can manage all forms of content, including videos, providing an end-to-end HR solution.

When managers make any amendments to any policies and procedures, they can easily notify staff to acknowledge that they have read and accepted them.

It means a complete solution for managing HR policies and procedures more effectively.

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Did you know?

If HR Duo clients need support around producing a document we have a dedicated HR administration team who can give you guidance on document content and provide templates when needed.

Our leading HRMS includes a dedicated time tracker that can be used on desktop and mobile applications, courtesy of the HR Duo app

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