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Effortless recruitment courtesy of a sophisticated applicant tracking system

We all know recruitment is a vital HR process, but it is often time-consuming, with the average employee onboarding process requiring as many as 50 minor tasks to complete. Many of these are basic administrative tasks like sending emails, completing documentation, and chasing acceptance and signatures.

HR Duo’s knowledge-driven technology automates most of these administrative tasks, freeing up business managers’ valuable time and driving organisational efficiencies.

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Track candidates efficiently throughout the recruitment process

Our smart HRMS features a fully integrated Applicant Tracking System that enables an SME to track candidates efficiently throughout the recruiting and hiring process to a successfully onboarded employee in just a few clicks. Business managers can quickly capture applicant information digitally and see where every candidate stands in the hiring process in real-time. HR Duo’s tailored applicant tracking system means that no manual emails need to be sent, paper printed or reminders set. HR Duo also offers:

  • Online application process
  • Custom vetting forms
  • Smart CV scanning features
  • Automated candidate communication
  • Access for third party interviewers
  • “One-click” onboarding process
  • System-generated alerts and reminders

Intuitively designed with simplicity in mind and tailored to individual businesses, HR Duo’s HRMS offers an end-to-end HR solution to help streamline recruitment processes.

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Did you know?

In 2021 only 60% of households in the UK claimed to own a printer. This is why HR Duo have delivered a digital onboarding process where clients can create any smart document that they require for online acknowledgement or acceptance by a candidate or employee.

Our leading HRMS includes a dedicated time tracker that can be used on desktop and mobile applications, courtesy of the HR Duo app

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