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An effortless transition with our dedicated onboarding and support service

HR Duo’s goal is that you don’t have to be a technical expert to run your HR Department to get the powerful benefits of our unique technology. Because we have the expertise to create all of your policies, forms and procedures and to maintain them forever, you just open it up and work away – we do all the set-up.

Unlike other HRMS providers, our onboarding and support service is managed by our well-resourced onboarding team. This team boasts decades of systems and HR experience, ensuring a flawless service that always puts you first.

Benefit from a dedicated onboarding specialist, HR advisor, who will be in contact with you throughout the entire onboarding process, ensuring an effortless process from start to finish.

Our onboarding service is multi-faceted and designed to provide continued support. It includes a kick-off meeting, an introduction to your onboarding team, processes agreement, and launch date. In addition, we create all staff records, ensuring your HRMS is populated and ready to go on the day of launch. We also review all policies, procedures, handbooks and documents, creating new documents and policies where required. We then work with you to agree on a launch strategy, conduct final tests, and train staff based on their roles and responsibilities.

Beyond the onboarding process, we offer continued support, fortnightly development sprints, and bi-annual reviews, providing peace of mind and a complete HR end-to-end solution.

Working with a new HRMS can be daunting and time-consuming. To remove this challenge, our onboarding and support service saves you time and ensures your HR Duo system is ready to perform from day one.

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Did you know?

HR Duo’s internal onboarding team will help you get up and running as quickly as possible, enabling you to deliver the benefits of the technology swiftly. Our dedicated HR experts will also provide you with ongoing support, allowing you to access their knowledge and ensuring you are generating returns on your investment.

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