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Plugging the resource gap with added value advice on employee relations

Dealing with day-to-day employee relations is time-consuming, and certain situations require specialist Employee Relations (ER) knowledge. Unfortunately, smaller businesses, whether they have HR departments or not, may not always have the expertise or time to handle such situations effectively. Alternatively, they may simply want an expert to confirm what the most suitable course of action is to pursue.

HR Duo helps plug this resource gap by providing ER expertise and support across various employee relations aspects, including discipline, grievance, bullying, and harassment.

Our ER experts work with your team to support and help manage day-to-day concerns, enabling your team to focus on other vital aspects of the business. When larger issues arise, our team is there to support and help resolve the situation quickly and efficiently, providing business managers with complete peace of mind.

HR Duo’s in-house ER team can support with performance issues, formal processes such as grievance, discipline, or bullying and harassment or advice on the application of new and existing employment legislation in an ER context.

Employees can quickly raise tickets through our custom HRMS system, offering a seamless HR solution.

Our employee relations services go beyond just offering advice. We take full responsibility by offering a complete HR end-to-end solution and can provide important and timely advice in matters of risk and potential cost and time to businesses. Furthermore, HR Duo can provide legal advice and access to highly qualified employment law solicitors when required.

Our employee relations service is unlimited. Just let our team know how we can help, and we’ll step in to plug any resource gaps.

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Did you know?

Our service is more than advisory in that we take responsibility for the management of processes to completion, and we can act as a third party in such instances. In addition, should a situation escalate, we can provide legal advice and access to highly qualified employment law solicitors when required.

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