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Document and policy support for the smallest of HR teams

Document and policy management is one of the most significant yet time-consuming requirements of HR, making it especially challenging for small teams. It is crucial, as poor document and policy management can leave SMEs open to unforeseen and costly risks.

HR Duo’s HR Employment Policy and Document experts offer a turnkey solution, working alongside your existing team to help plug this resource gap. We can carry out a complete review of your documentation and policies, freeing up your time to focus on other key areas of the business. Our specialist team can identify any potential shortcomings and immediately rectify them, giving business managers complete peace of mind that they are protected against any potential claims and inspections. Plus our expertise of HR best practices, across a wide range of sectors, will add value to your company’s productivity by releasing valuable HR resources to address key competitive business requirements.

Just some of the documents we can create and review include employee handbooks, contracts, company policies and procedures, recruitment documentation, and performance appraisal documents.

Documents and policies are stored on our custom HRMS, completely digitising the employment lifecycle. This innovative digital documentation technology ensures document management is quick and secure while providing enhanced reporting.

We update your documents and policies forever, updating when there are legislative changes, when you have new requirements thus providing a complete end-to-end HR solution built around your organisation’s specific requirements.

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Did you know?

You may currently have everything on paper and not in the cloud. Not a problem for HR Duo. As part of our on-boarding process we will digitise your documentation and policies in order for both your organisation and our HR administration to be able to review and update your paperwork as part of our ongoing service.

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